Negotiation & Assertiveness in Volatile Contexts E-mail

Tenerife psychology, psychotherapy, counselling - WorkshopsLearn to protest now not to become a doormat forever!

Protesting is standing up for yourself. Protesting is defending your beliefs, your boundaries. It is a declaration that you will Not permit trespass. The purpose of displaying anger when you are hurt is to define the limits of your toleration and make your point with force so that no one will mistake your intentions. It is an affirmation of strength and survival.

Through this half day workshop we will learn how to say no without hurting others, we will learn tactics of asserting ourselves against powerful adversaries who willingly or unintentionally try to trumple over us. We will learn together to assert ourselves in steps not to allow our anger turn to a volcano, nor to turn inward and destroy us. Lots of fun exercises.

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