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Labelled with a psychiatric diagnosis? Diagnosed with cancer?

A chronic disease, that is affecting your life?

Worried sick what happens next?

And whether you can ever be healthy again?

It is possible to heal again. You must want it, trust that you can get your health back and let your body and mind do it for you!

We would be happy to be a part of your journey...:)
We work through your journey of getting your health back, and achieving your optimal physical and psychological condition, by examining your lifestyle, diet, habits, psychological stressors and environmental hazards.

Showing you how strong and resilient you are - in mind and body - we will not take control your life, but help empower you to survive and thrive to a place with your health and life, that you choose to be.

We will only be an instrument and a mirror, to reflect back your strengths and vulnerabilities, and help uncover your inner resources that keep you alive, joyful and healthy.

As your health coach, we will not be a substitute for your doctor, but help you to achieve your best potentials, learning from your body, learning from your mind, and being a humble disciple to nature.

By living your natural rhythm, being nourished, nurtured and strengthened by nature, being in touch with the inner survivor in you we believe no adverse life circumstance should challenge you.  You have the solution to every life situation within you and all resources you need out there in nature.

Our approach to health is based on principles of biophilia and the healing effect of nature on physical and emotional health, circadian rhythm therapy, ethology and natural behaviours of man and animals in their natural habitat and behavioural modification of neuro-immuno-endocrine axis.
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Survive and Thrive services are no way intended to replace professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner. Survive and Thrive advises all users with medical problems to consult a doctor. Survive and Thrive does not conduct clinical treatment or trials of any kind.
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