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The life that is best for you must exert a special seductive pull on your senses and have the capacity to arrest your attention, wiping the numbers from the clock face so that your work alone determines the passage of time. being happy in your work is being successful.The person you finally be come is always a part of what you do. If your work is the right work, it is the friend who never lets you down, the master who drives you to work harder, and the therapist who best knows you and understands the growth you have made. It is your love object, your amusement, and finally, your memorial. It is what you do that makes a difference - that is your lasting tribute.

If you were doing what you most loved at work, each day would be fulfilling. The work might continue to be difficult, but at least it would bring you closer to self realisation. What others think of your choices should not determine your happiness. You have to live in your body, in your mind, feeling your feelings, living your life.

It is up to you to create a life that works for you, that feels right, that makes you happy :)

I will be your mirror and we will explore together what you love most and from that, what are your most natural and innate gifts.

The most wonderful secret is that it is very very simple!
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