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Dr Eden Fazel MD, MSc, Dip C is one of the world leading experts of emotional health, organisational coaching, and strategic negotiations. Dr Fazel is a broadly published British/Persian author, doctor, specialist in preventive medicine, and emotional health coach. He worked as a  medical trainer, strategist and coach across the world with the UN and MSF delivering  health projects and workshops. Eden is a prolific author and has published 24 books and talking books, as well as numerous articles in scientific journals.

He designed the first blue prints of the Global Health University. Dr Fazel is the founder of Survive and Thrive  an organization devoted to promotion of  mental health and prosperity of individuals and populations.

 He trained as a medical doctor, specializing in preventive medicine and population health and later qualified as an individual and organisational coach. Eden travelled across the world working with the UN and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders). 

 Eden’s life has been a tough training ground. His mother was killed tragically when Eden was just 14. He has published a number of books – based around his innovative concept of DIY coaching and DIY psychology – which draw heavily on his own personal journey. 

 ‘I believe passionately that we can all take charge of our emotions and learn to live the life we want to,’ says Eden. ‘Too often patients diagnosed with a mental health conditions leave their lives entirely in the hands of health professionals but I believe people should be empowered to take back control of their own lives.’

 As an aid worker, medical trainer and coach, Eden lived in 31 countries, including North Korea (where he made a rare, undercover film about famine), borders of Iraq (where he rescued the international aid cargo seized by local authorities and helped Kurds displaced by Saddam’s regime), Sierra Leone (where he managed an emergency vaccination campaign that saved many lives threatened by whooping cough), as well as borders of Afghanistan (where he witnessed atrocities of Taliban) and Sudan.

 He witnessed famine, war, brutality and natural disasters – and endured his own private challenge with emotional distress caused by his life experiences, and witnessing sufferings of others.

 ‘I’ve learnt forgiveness and can honestly say I have nothing against people who tormented me. He says. ‘I want to use my work through Survive and Thrive to bring the people of the world closer together by forging cultural and educational links between different countries.’

 Eden is passionate about helping people rebuild their lives. He travels across the world delivering his workshops. Eden’s approach to building physical and emotional health is summed up in two phrases coined by him, DIY coaching and DIY psychology. ‘It’s all about developing your own ‘Life Plan’, setting your own objectives and taking good risks to get to where you want to be,’ he says. ‘Too often we don’t really recognize what our passions are and so we lack direction. Most of the time people just need a little help to discover what life style suits them best, what makes them tick and how to live their dreams.’

 The books he has published are based on Eden’s personal and professional experience. DIY coaching: drawing your life plan helps the reader translate dreams and desires into goals and action plans. Anger: a very healthy emotion explains how anger is to be embraced, not suppressed. And Growing out of the blues is all about moving out of depression.

‘Medical professionals and coaches should only be seen as a catalyst for change, nothing more,’ says Eden. 


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