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Negotiation, Volatile Situations, Conflict and Anger, taking good risks, jumping the right leaps, jumping the leaps right, Stress, Assertiveness, Anti- bullying, Healthy Workplace, Knowing Your Blind Spots

Managing a dynamic organisation you‘d want your managers and staff not only to be fully acquainted with the above concepts, but also to be able to handle difficult situations. Why not benefit from training services of a world leading expert in this field?Our training director Dr Fazel, a strategic coach, behavioural consultant, and negotiation specialist, has authored 23 books in this complex field. Dr Fazel who worked for the United Nations  and Doctors Without Borders across across the world has the experience of helping the government with very complex and high profile dilemmas. Dr Fazel the author of  DIY Coaching is the designer of DIY Coaching software - an instrument that helps organisations be more efficient in a systematic way. Dr Fazel can visit your organisation and show you the benefits of our programmes with no-obligation.

Dr Fazel will deliver a taster session to your directors:

A 3 minute introduction to NLP

A 5 minute presentation: Negotiation in Volatile Situations

A 5 minute presentation: Healthy Workplace

10 minutes Q&A


Dr Fazel is also happy to deliver a free talk/workshop to your staff on the same day:

Growing from weakness to strength.

He has delivered this talk to various organisations with excellent feedback from the audience.


We do NOT charge more than other training companies, but you will have first hand access to one of the leading experts in this field.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and booking.

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