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"It is not the strongest or most intelligent species that survive;
it is the one most adaptable to change"
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Through one to one coaching, or participating in our "DIY Coaching" workshops, we can help you to develop your own "Life Plan", set your objectives and take measured and reasonable risks to get to the place that you want to be. Your Life Plan should be a part of your life. You should use it to bring the hidden desires to the surface. One of the great benefits of the Ife Plan is that you can see all the facets of yourself.

The Life Plan will help you find the courage to risk developing your life and points to the means for making it happen. The Life Plan also gives you a sense of balance and timing. You’ll know when to apply pressure, because you’ll know when something has to be done. You will also know when applying pressure is fruitless and likely to be seen as nagging. In a word, the Life Plan will give you the structure and discipline to pursue what you want.

You need to have as many options open for living your life as possible. If your happiness and success depend on only one aspect of your talent or training, you’re more vulnerable than if you have several dimensions to your life. Your Life Plan makes you aware of all your passions and interests and gives you a direction and a method for implementing your dreams. It will help you discover a new relationship amongst your various interests and create a life that is uniquely your own!

Having developed your Life Plan, together we will answer the following questions:

· Who is the person reflected in these goals?

· What matters to this person?

· How determined is this person?

· What does this person want out of life?

· What has this person accomplished?

· What would make this person proud?

· What does this person need to do?

You deserve to find yourself!
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  • The right life is the life in which you are doing what you love most of the time.
  • The right life feels comfortable most of the time.
  • When you are living the right life, you are always prepared to take good risks.
  • The right life feels optimistic.
  • The right life is the place where you are your best.
  • The right life feels free.

Are you living a life that is right for you?
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